Amy's Story

Below, Amy explains her story in her own words:

I have experienced many miracles since I found out about having five brain tumors.  I give credit to my Heavenly Father and all those who have fasted and prayed on my behalf.  Thank you!

The day after Thanksgiving my cheek went numb.  I wondered what was going on because my lips had been numb for about a month.  Later that evening I was headed to Idaho Falls   when the left side of my tongue went numb.  I grabbed my phone and googled “numbness of face” a list of possible candidates rolled out in front of me, none of which were encouraging.   I called my husband and told him to meet me at the hospital. 

The E.R. Dr. took a cat scan and told us they found something. They ordered an MRI to get a closer look.  When the MRI came back they found a large tumor just off my brain stem close to the top of my spinal cord.  They called in a Neurosurgeon who confirmed the results but he found three more.  The other three were about the size of a pencil eraser and all at the surface of my brain.  My body went numb; I didn’t know what to think or how to feel.  I was scared that I might not get to see my children grow up.  I wondered about all the Dr. Pepper I drink, the skipped meals because I’m too busy to eat or the Fast food because I didn’t have time to fix lunch for the kids.  Everything I had ever done that wasn’t good for my body came rushing into my thoughts!

Once the Dr. told me that he thought there was a good possibility that this was a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis type 2. I was horrified that my children had a 50% chance of having it if I do.  Only a DNA blood test would tell for sure.  I took the test but because of the complexity of the test it would take about 30 days for the results.  I don’t know a lot about this disease, but what I do know is that there is no cure.  This disease attacks the brain and the spinal cord.  The only treatment is to watch their growth and surgery when they get to large or close to something vital.  

Because of the size of the tumor and the swelling in my brain I needed surgery right away.  I wanted a second opinion so I went down to University of Utah Hospital and met with Dr Couldwell and Dr. Shelton.  It was interesting how calm and good I felt about everything when I left the hospital.  We decided to have the surgery done at the University of Utah Hospital. 

Surgery went well and I was progressing very quickly, but they found a CSF (brain fluid) leak.  After a few days of monitoring they decided that a second surgery was inevitable.  This was a little scarier than the first.  Again surgery went well; the leak was found and stopped. Finally I was able to go home. 

Both of my Dr.’s warned me of the large possibility that I would not be able to hear out of my left ear after surgery and that I might experience loss of muscle strength in the left side of my face.  But they were 90% sure that long term my face would come back if I did experience any loss.  Right out of surgery I really felt that I could hear.  I was positive actually but when you can’t hear you begin to doubt yourself.  My face was great until I got home and then I lost it all.  I was totally paralyzed on the left side.  This was extremely hard. They told me it would take 3 to 6 months to get it back the nurse compared it to watching grass grow.  I started taking Frankincense oils from doterra internally and I really feel like that is what has made a huge difference and not just in my face, but my whole recovery process.  It is so worth checking out.  I have lots of crazy stories about how these oils have helped me.  It has only been about 2 ½ weeks out of surgery and I have about 50%-70% of my muscle use back.  These oils are so awesome.  I was talking to a friend of mine just yesterday and I told her I was taking Frankincense and she said “oh the miracle oil” which I think is pretty cool.

I am so thankful for a loving, devoted husband who has taken very good care of me and wonderful friends and family that have been so good to us.  Thank you for all your loving thoughts and prayers.